TOP 10 Light Recipes

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In winter we’re all tempted to eat rich, hearty foods. To fight this bad habit, here are our TOP 10 light recipes, ideal for keeping your New Year’s resolutions!

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Recipe #10: Breakfast “Kansas”

Breakfast is very important, especially when weight watching. This recipe is a great example of a balanced breakfast because it incorporates fresh fruit, protein, and whole grains rich in fibre.

Choosing breakfast cereal isn’t always easy. In fact, the worst of them contain more than 50% of their total weight in sugar! To make a good choice, here are our tips for choosing your breakfast cereal.

Breakfast Kansas light recipes

Breakfast “Kansas”

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Recipe #9: Squash and Leek Soup

If you want to lose weight, soup is an excellent ally. In general, it has remarkably few calories in relation to volume, which is good news for people looking to lose a few pounds. And, as a bonus, squash is great for health since it’s full of antioxidants!

Squash and Leek Soup light recipes

Squash and Leek Soup

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Recipe #8: Beet Soup

Vegetables, like beets, are foods that satisfy since they contain fiber and water, which take up space in the stomach and brings about a feeling of satiety. Plus, this beautiful beet soup will add some colour to your table this winter!

Beet Soup light recipes

Beet Soup

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Recipe #7: Singapore Noodles

For a bit of exotic flair, try Singapore Noodles! The shrimp are low in calories but have tons of good quality protein, which will hold you over until your next meal.

 Nouilles Singapour light recipes

Singapore Noodles

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