Month: February 2012

A new meal plan for preventing diverticulitis

February 29, 2012 No Comments

Diverticula are small marble-sized ‘pouches’ that appear in different spots in the lining of the large intestine. When these diverticula get inflamed and infected, the condition is called diverticulitis, and it is very painful. The chronic condition called diverticulosis is now a common phenomenon in the West, where about 50% of people older than 60 […]


Volumetric eating theory: What is it?

February 28, 2012 No Comments

You may have heard or read about the volumetric eating theory, that focuses on eating more low-calorie, high-volume foods, so as to reach satiety with a lower calorie intake.

Gastronomic panorama of Morocco (2nd part)

February 27, 2012 No Comments

Here we continue our gastronomic tour of Morocco…. 6. Camel Burger OK, I’ll admit that our menu at Café Clock, Camel Burger and cheesecake, was probably not typically Moroccan! Still, it was absolutely delicious and it would have been a shame to miss the opportunity to taste camel meat!

The five basic tastes

February 25, 2012 No Comments

We do not all have the same likes and … dislikes. But all of us do have about 4000 taste sensory receptors, 75% of which are located on the dorsal surface of the tongue, the remainder being distributed along the palate, pharynx and upper esophagus.

SOS Cuisine and the Stair Climbing Challenge

February 24, 2012 No Comments

On Thursday, 16 February, we were invited to participate – as partner-exhibitor – in the “Stair Climbing Challenge” proposed by CGI to all its employees in Montreal. The challenge was to walk up the 25 floors of the ECP (E-Commerce Place), where CGI is the main tenant. This annual initiative aims to promote a healthy […]

CONTEST: Let’s hurt heart disease

February 22, 2012 No Comments

Heart & Stroke Foundation needs you to reach before the end of February its goal of one million actions to make death wait. The SOSCuisine community being 250,000 strong, if each one of us takes one minute to take action, this goal can be reached quicker and even exceeded. To give you one more reason […]

Vitamin D for healthy bones … and much more!

February 21, 2012 No Comments

We all know that Calcium is essential for healthy bones. But did you know that it needs an ally to be absorbed by our body? This is but one of the roles of Vitamin D. In addition to preventing osteoporosis and slow down its progression, Vitamin D also appears useful in preventing certain cancers. It […]

Gastronomic panorama of Morocco (1st part)

February 20, 2012 1 Comment

Those of you who’ve visited (or are planning to visit) Morocco probably did so for the architecture, the beaches, the desert or even the absolutely amazing landscapes there. In fact, few of us consider Morocco to be a destination for gastronomic tourism. However, Moroccan cuisine, a rich fusion of Berber, Arabic and Andalusian cuisines, is […]


Kiwi, the migratory bird

February 18, 2012 No Comments

Native to China, where it has been cultivated for over a thousand years in all shapes, sizes and colors, the fruit known as kiwi has only been called thus for about 40 years now.

HospitaliTea and convivialiTea

February 17, 2012 No Comments

Eight of us from the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) set off to learn about Moroccan food culture from 9 to 20 November last year. During this training in Morocco, local homestay arrangements were made for us. What I can conclude from this experience is that Moroccan hospitality is splendid.

CONTEST: Help us be… hated even more ;-)

February 15, 2012 4 Comments

Heart disease already hates SOSCuisine because of its heart-healthy meal plans. Help us be hated even more and make death wait. To give you one more reason to ACT NOW, here’s a CONTEST. To enter, follow these 2 simple steps: STEP 1: Go to our page Smart Meal Plans for a Healthy Heart and Like […]

riz rice

How to chose the right rice

February 14, 2012 2 Comments

Nowadays, there are so many varieties of rice on the grocery shelves. But some are better than others. Here are our recommendations:

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